Suitable Materials for Stainless Steel Punch and Cold Punching Die


ASP series:Chromium,Molybdenum,Vanadium high speed steel as the main material. ASP series mainly contains ASP23, ASP30, ASP60 etc. The hardness is between HRC 64-67. Chemical Component: C:2.90; Mn:0.50; V≤9.80;S:2.90; Cr:8.00. High wear resistance,compressive strength, good hardenability. But because of its high wear resistance, low toughness will be a regular problem.

SKD series:SKD is the cold work tool steel with superior abrasion. And heat treatment effect is stable. It’s the deep drawing die and cold forging die steel. Mainly contains: SKD11,SKH-9,SKH-51,SKH55 etc. And the main Chemical Component: C:1.90-2.20; Si:0.10-0.60; Mn:0.20-0.60; S≤0.030;P≤0.030;Cr:11.0-13.0;V≤0.030. The hardness is between HRC 56-62 with good hardenability and wear resistance.

Cemented Carbide: the punch of Cemented Carbide is made of round bars with the characteristics of high precision, high hardness and good bending strength. It applies to the hardware and electromechanical processing industry, generally installed on the stamping die for punching.

DC53 Punch: DC53 is a new type of cold work tool steel improved on SKD11. The heat treatment hardness of DC53 is higher than SKD11, temperature is 520-530℃ and hardness can reach to 62-5-63HRC after tempering. It’s strength and wear resistance is better than SKD11. Toughness is 2 times that of SKD11. The toughness of DC53 is outstanding in the cold work tool steel. Therefore, The toughness of DC53 punch is better.