Shapes of Martensite

Martensite structure from quenching is an important basis for steel to achieve strengthening and toughening.

Due to the difference in the type and composition of steel, as well as the difference in heat treatment conditions, the morphology and internal fine structure of quenched martensite and the tendency to form microcracks will change greatly.

These changes have a great influence on the mechanical properties of martensite. Therefore, it is very important to master the microstructure and morphological characteristics of martensite and to understand the various factors that affect the martensite morphology.

Through thin film transmission electron microscopy, people have carried out detailed research on the morphology of martensite and its fine structure. Several categories:

1.    Lath martensite

2.     Plate martensite

3.    Others
   3.1    Butterfly martensite
   3.2    Flake martensite