Mould Design Ideas


Mould is known as the "mother of the industry" and plays a leading role in the development of the entire national economy. Therefore, it can’t be ignored to pay attach importance to the development of the mould industry. For an enterprise, the competition between enterprises is the battle of "technology", and the technology of mould also plays an important in the whole enterprise. For example, in the electrical industry, electrical products are small in size and complex in structure, so it is very difficult to design moulds and the requirements for mold accuracy are also very high. For an enterprise, the mould directly affects the quality of the product and the efficiency of production.

The following are several design ideas: (1) raw materials (2) optimal design of products (3) optimal design of molds (4) injection molding process.
To make a high quality mould (a mould with high production efficiency) mainly depends on these points: (1) The material of the mould (2) The technological aspects (3) The computer aided system (4) The new processing equipment (5) The idea of the design and design of the mold, which is the most important.

Moulds directly affect the quality of products and the efficiency of production. The enterprises should pay attention to new mould technologies (such as hot runner technology) and the establishment of various mould technology exchanges (development of new mould technologies).The mould is the real weapon of choice on the battlefield.