Better Way to Improve the Efficiency CNC Finishing

Is there a way to integrate the advantages of the two and avoid the disadvantages? The answer is Yes.

A analysis of the formation process of the residual ridge height shows that the residual ridge height is actually related to the radian radius of the contact point between the tool and the material, and has little to do with the cool radius itself. If only the radian radius of the effective machining part of the tool is increased, and the radius of the tool body is kept unchanged, the two purposes of improving the surface quality and shortening the finishing time may be achieved at the same time.

In fact, tool manufacturers have already started research in this area, and have launched various large-radius arc tools suitable for different processing scenarios.


Taking a large-radius circular arc milling cutter with a Taper Form as an example, the effective machining arc of the tool is used for finishing and the residual ridge height left is equivalent to the residual ridge height left by a ball cutter with a diameter of 187times.

With a 16mm Taper Form large arc milling cutter, the finishing surface quality completed at the same synchronizing distance and the same time is equivalent to the surface quality achieved by using a ball butter with a diameter of nearly 3000mm(3 meters).