6 Tips to Reduce Mold Cost!

What is mold cost?
It contains: material,processing,tax,design,etc.
Well, how to control or reduce the cost? Before discussion it, we must analyse the factors that influence the mold cost.

First: the resonable design of product.
On the one hand, the designer need to learn more about mold knowledge to make sure the designed product is suitable for the mold, avoiding the unsessary difficulty and cost. On the other hand, the designer should keep a better communication with the mold department.

Second: the design changes of product
If a big change occurs on products, mold even the mold base need to ordering again, which adding the cost abiviously.

Third: if the mold design is perfect
When designing the mold, we should take the resonablitiy,machinability and over-design into consideration.

Forth: reduce mold test times
The more test is done, the more procesing cost will be, and the mold cost wil go up finally.

Fifth: the purchasing of mold materials and standard part
The stable supplier with high reputation is the best choice.

In a word, to control the mold cost effectively, we must do as below:
The resonable product design, the less design changes, the perfect mold design and processing, better communication with the product desiger and the mold engineer.