1.2343 Die steel


1.2343 steel is a hot-working die steel produced according to the German standard, which is often smelted by electroslag remelting. It has excellent uniformity and ductility in all directions, good hardenability, excellent resistance to thermal fatigue, good wear resistance, excellent machinability and dimensional stability, good polishing, good high toughness and high plasticity, high wear resistance and overall hardening, and can be subject to surface chemical heat treatment, Such as hardening nitriding and anti-corrosion nitriding, but not suitable for soft nitriding. 1.2343 The parameters and indexes of die steel are as follows:

1. Main chemical composition (Wt%):

Element C Si Cr V Mo other
Standard 0.38 1.00 5.30 0.4 1.30 ****

2. Corresponding steel grade: H11; China 4Cr5MoSiV; Japan SKD6; UK BH11; France Z38CDV5.

3. Process route: →+ESR argon protection electroslag remelting → hot forging+annealing → pre-hardening → milling, etc. → prefabricating or finishing die chamber → vacuum quenching+tempering → (surface chemical heat treatment) → surface compressive stress treatment.