Talent Training, Building An Efficient Team

Talent Training, building an Efficient Team – The talent construction of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group was officially launched

The upgrading and development of enterprises depend on talents, and outstanding talents are the most important boosters for the development of enterprises. On March 9, 2022, the Ningshing Precision Machinery Talent Echelon Construction Mobilization Meeting was held in the conference room on third floor of the group.

At the meeting, Yan Jianbin, general manager of the group, read out the “Ningshing Precision Machinery Group Talent Echelon Training Program”. The plan clearly defines the talent echelon training plan, through comprehensive research, “classified” storage, “key” training, “dynamic” management, “precise” use and other channels to achieve practical and effective talent echelon construction. The talent echelon is divided into the first-level echelon and the second-level echelon. The first-level echelon is selected from the middle-level cadres of the group as the company’s key training talents. The group organizes a selection of reserve talents every year, and implements dynamic management of the talent pool that can enter and exit. The first batch of key training objects listed as the first are: Li Hongchuan, Shen Qiongfang, Wang Ling, Ying Congbin, Gong Bo, Yu Baosheng. The HR department of the group formulates a feasible talent echelon training plan according to the group’s development planning and upgrading plan and the training target of reserve talents. The first-level echelon mainly includes online education, outsourced study, political theory study, salon study and exchange activities, brainstorm, benchmark inspection and other training methods. The second-level echelon mainly includes training methods such as online education, in-house training, and team building development, so as to form a diversified training model of “hierarchical classification”, comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of reserve cadres, and cultivate managers at all levels suitable for the group’s development strategy. At the end of each year, the Group will evaluate the training situation of the first-tier and second-tier reserve talents, and make arrangements for job promotion, important job rotation or further training for outstanding talents based on the actual situation of the company.

The 6 key training objects selected for the first-level echelon made speeches. This talent echelon construction fully shows that the Group attaches great importance to the training of reserve talents. We must cherish opportunities and honors, complete all the contents of training and learning with a positive and serious attitude, strive to improve our comprehensive level and ability, and make every effort to Go to complete the tasks of annual operation and management, set an example among the employees, and help the high-quality development of the group.

Finally, Huang Yongzeng, chairman of the group, further emphasized the importance and necessity of the company's talent echelon construction, and put forward work requirements, requiring them to complete training and learning plans with clear goals, a serious attitude, and high quality; Development standards, strict requirements, lead the team by example, and assume the role of "innovation, integrity, and enterprising" in the process of long-term sustainable development of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group.

This year, the Precision Machinery Group regards human resource management as an important task in production and operation management, and carries out the "integration of production and education" talent education and training plan to cultivate production technology professionals and application-oriented compound talents, and provide strong talent support for the high-quality development of the enterprise.