Pay tribute to the example, build a dream and sail far


To commemorate the 113th anniversary of "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, further strengthen the care of enterprises, give full play to the role of female employees,salute model , stimulate the vitality and energy of female employees , the unity led women employees to contribute to the high quality development of the company based on their jobs with enthusiasm, Ningshing group organized more than 200 female employees of the group to Xinchang to carry out the theme activity of "Paying tribute to the example and Building a Dream and a Long Voyage" of  "March 8th" International Working Women's Day.

Wanfeng Group is an international enterprise group with advanced manufacturing as its core, covering the fields of automobile parts, aviation industry, high-end intelligent equipment and so on,the auto parts industry is the global leader, and the environmental protection coating and intelligent equipment industry is the domestic leader among them. Wanfeng Group is  the world's top three aviation aircraft manufacturing companies which can manufacture complete aircraft with independent intellectual property rights through strategic cooperation with international high-end aircraft manufacturing companies, and a national aviation industry demonstration zone built the "Wanfeng Aviation Town" of 5.5 square kilometers in Zhejiang Province.

In the town, all the female employees visited the Party building center, science and technology museum and airport hangar of Wanfeng Group, listened to the high-level professional explanation by Jin Yiwei, full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Wanfeng Group, and realized that Wanfeng Group is an international enterprise with advanced manufacturing as the core, industrial positioning in the transportation strategy, strong core competitiveness and high sense of social responsibility. Wanfeng Group's five-in-one Party construction of "Party, Workers, Youth, Women and Soldiers" shows the vitality and innovation of corporate culture of non-public enterprises.

The most exciting part of the event was to pay tribute to role models. Gao Ping, vice chairman and Party secretary of Ningshing Holdings, specially invited Ms. Chen Ailian, the chairwoman of Wanfeng Group, to share topics. Ms. Chen Ailian is a representative of the National Party, the National People's Congress, the national March 8 red flag bearer, the Top Ten Outstanding Women of China, the first Zheyun Businessman, the honorary president of Zhejiang Women Entrepreneurs Association, the chairman of the Board of Wanfeng Group and the Secretary of the Party Committee.

At the sharing and exchange meeting, President Chen welcomed the female compatriots of Ningshing Holdings. She briefly introduced Xinchang's cultural history and economic development, Wanfeng Group's three industrial strategic layout, six management methods and three life insights. She encouraged all women to roll up their sleeves and work hard in this beautiful new era, to make a difference and live the way they like.Her sincere, practical and rich sharing, like a big sister, made the female compatriots deeply inspired. The interactive session of questions was more wonderful. Everyone consulted and interacted on the balance of family and career, corporate cultural identity, employment standards and customer maintenance.Chairwoman Chen Ailian spoke without reservation, making all the women present deeply feel the wisdom, courage and infinite charm of outstanding entrepreneurial women. At last, Chairwoman Ailian once again extended her best wishes to all of participants on March 8th and presented her landscape painting "Friends Come from Afar".

Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Party Secretary of Ningshing Holdings, thanked Chen Ailian for her wonderful and sincere sharing. She said that Chairwoman Chen is an outstanding representative of Chinese entrepreneurial women, her belief in loving the party and patriotism, courage to stand on the tide, perseverance, continuous innovation concept, as well as broad industry to serve the country, dedication to society, all women should learn. In particular, Chairman Chen's "entrepreneurship is passionate, life is happy, the pursuit is artistic" three life insights, worth savoring. At the same time, she put forward three hopes for all female employees: to keep the concentration and upward growth with dreams; to keep original aspiration, and never slack off in our work; to be grateful and cherish the moment. She invited President Chen to visit Ningshing when he was free, and presented her with calligraphy works of "female heroes" and the head of the G20 Summit pen produced in Ningbo, implying that Chairman Chen continued to write her wonderful life.

At the event site, applause was frequent. Everyone paid tribute to Chairman Chen's enterprising spirit of excellence and perseverance over the years, and praised the wonderful Wanfeng Group created by her.

In the afternoon activity, female employees of Ningshing walked into the "Zhang Jiajie, East Zhejiang" -- the 19 peaks of Xinchang through Rocks. All participants climbed to the top of the mountain, chasing each other, walking in the landscape of green mountains and green water, immersed in the beautiful Danxia environment, surrounded by the beauty and hope of spring... had an unforgettable holiday activity.