Ningshing Holdings held a summary commendation and 2023 annual management work conference

In the afternoon of January 15, 2023, Ningshing Holdings summarized the commendation and 2023 annual management work conference was held on the 28th floor of Ningbo Tianning Building. The meeting was held in a combination of online and offline, with 39 people attending the main venue offline from the main responsible persons of each company, advanced representatives and representatives of the headquarters of the holding, and 106 people attending the meeting in the online subcommittee by the management team and department heads of each company.


The meeting was chaired by Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Holding Company. First of all, the meeting listened to the 2022 annual work report of President Huang Yongzeng entitled "Firm Confidence, Courageous Advancement and Solid Promotion of High Quality and Upgrading Development". The report comprehensively summarized the achievements of the company in 2022 in terms of maintaining stability and improving quality in professional sectors, progress in key project breakthroughs, effectiveness in market expansion, achievements in innovation and research and development, guarantee of quality operation, coordination and efficiency, etc.; combined with the severe and complex economic situation, the company deployed seven work objectives and tasks for 2023, which are to fully implement the new development concept, focus on professional operation, deepen the integration of trade, industry and research The company will enhance foreign trade expansion, break through domestic trade, promote management model innovation, accelerate supply chain construction, digital construction and brand construction, strengthen strategic cooperation and win-win situation, build a lean and efficient team, and promote high-quality upgrade development.

Chairman Wu Yigang made a speech entitled "Seeking Progress in Stability for High-Quality Development", pointing out that in 2022, the company faced difficulties and withstood pressure, and completed the annual operation plan and many key tasks well, and achieved steady progress in operation performance. He asked the companies in the new year to strengthen their confidence, enhance their determination, actively implement the "eight insistences", maintain sound operation, hold on to the core business, strengthen multi-level strategic cooperation to achieve breakthroughs, do a good job of domestic and foreign trade to support each other, interactive development of new issues, accelerate the digital empowerment of business upgrading, increase the introduction and training of talents. Give full play to the demonstration and leading role of the management team, continuously refine the core competitiveness, make every effort to achieve the annual business goals, and promote the company's high-quality upgrading development to a new level.

The meeting commended the advanced collectives, outstanding teams and outstanding individuals with outstanding achievements in 2022, and requested all employees to take the advanced as an example, base on their posts, develop and innovate, and make new contributions to fully accomplish the goals and tasks in the new year.

The main person in charge of each company made a positive statement on the completion of the work tasks and goals for 2023, saying that they will continue to gather strength in the new year, bite down on the goals, and work hard to make positive contributions to the new development of the holding company with excellent performance.

At the end of the meeting, Vice Chairman Gao Ping stressed that this meeting is a mobilization meeting to plan the layout and start again, to take a breakthrough and to make a strong and excellent effort, and put forward three requirements for each company to implement the spirit of the meeting, one is to form a consensus to grasp the implementation, the second is to strengthen the implementation to grasp the implementation, and the third is to take responsibility to grasp the implementation, to work together, to innovate and pioneer, and to strive to complete the annual target.