Ningshing Holdings Held 2022 Semi-Annual General Manager Joint Meeting


On July 22th, the Ningshing Holdings Semi-Annual General Manager Joint Meeting of 2022 was held in Ningbo Dongqian Lake Wanjin Radisson Resort Hotel. More than 70 members including the leading team of Ningshing Holdings and the management team from each group company. The meeting was presided by Vice Chairman and Party Secretary Gao Ping.

Each participated member reported and communicated on the completion of the operating performance in the first half of the year and the progress of the annual key work, summed up their active response to difficulties and challenges, promoted strengths and avoided weaknesses, and worked hard to stabilize orders, grab market share, reduce costs, improve quality, and control risks. In addition, they introduced the achievements and highlights in the progress of the important work of each key project, and analyzed the problems and deficiencies in the production and operation. Focusing on the annual plan goals, they put forward work plans and specific measures for the second half of the year, and expressed the confidence and determination to actively overcome difficulties and fully accomplish the annual goals and tasks.

President Huang Yongzeng made a semi-annual work report titled "Seeking Steady Progress, Expanding Markets, Improving Quality & Efficiency and Promoting Development". In the first half of the year, various professional sectors achieved stable operation under pressure. Key projects were focused on making steady progress. Professional products were improved Quality to seize the market. The supply chain and capital chain were stabilized to ensure the operation. Satisfactory performances and results were achieved. In the second half of the year, the global economy will still face the development trend of "high cost, high interest, high risk and low growth rate". The report clearly requires that although there will be many difficulties and challenges in the second half of the year, we must adhere to the principle of " Do not reduce the task, do not change the target, do not lower the standard ", focus on the annual business ideas and goals and tasks, and make every effort to do well with stronger efforts and higher efficiency. Moreover, Mr. Huang call on every member to strengthen target beliefs and enhance development confidence; focus on the target market, stabilize orders and stabilize the market; carefully organize and arrange, insist on "going out" to seek new opportunities; ensure business liquidity and enhance sustainable development vitality; strengthen process management to ensure business operations Production safety; strengthen team building, and unite efforts to overcome difficulties.

At the meeting, Chairman Wu Yigang delivered a speech entitled "Seize Opportunities, Expand Markets, and Win the Battle for Breakthrough Development". He fully affirmed that all sectors bucked the trend under the extremely difficult situation in the first half of the year, expanded markets, seized orders, stabilized customers, and achieved hard-won results. In his speech, he focused on the three Ningshing operators who bravely worked in overseas markets and the six Ningshing management teams who were not afraid of the hardships to expand the domestic market. For the work in the second half of the year, he asked all companies to be prepared to continue to fight tough battles, take the outstanding operators and excellent management teams as an example, seize opportunities, and actively explore domestic and foreign markets. Mr. Wu required all sectors to adhere to innovation and breakthroughs, and actively explore the growth space for business expansion with efforts and measures. He emphasized that operators at all levels should strengthen their responsibilities, and give full play to the role of leading, boldly "going out", pragmatically "going down", and focus on "breaking through development and winning the tough battle in 2022".

At the end of the meeting, Vice Chairman Gao Ping put forward three guidelines on implementing the work requirements. First, unify thinking and implement, further boost confidence, set goals, and break down refine goals with a more pragmatic style and take responsibilities. Second, highlight the key points and implement them combined with the actual situation, focus on key projects, key products, important markets, key customers, etc., adhere to the goal-orientation, strengthen research under the problem-orientation, and make up for shortcomings and problems. Third, effectively combine Party Construction and enterprise development to overcome difficulties, improve management, team building, and safety production, empower high-quality development with high-quality Party Construction, demonstrate the leading role and contribute to the achievement of Ningshing Holdings' annual goal.