Li Guanding, vice mayor of Ningbo City, visited Ningshing Liquefaction for investigation


On May 10, Li Guanding, vice mayor of Ningbo, led a team to carry out the activity of "Great visits, great research, great services and great problem solving". The team inspected the operation management of Ningshing liquefaction tank Farm, learned about the development of relevant enterprises in Zhenhai Port area, and held a symposium to listen to the suggestions and requirements of enterprises. Leaders of Ningbo Customs, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Municipal Waterfront Office, Municipal Development Research Center, Zhenhai District Government, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group and other relevant departments participated in the investigation and discussion.


At the symposium, Vice Mayor Li Guanding said that this visit and research is to deeply implement the Party's 20 great spirit, wholeheartedly for the enterprise to solve the problem of specific action, go to the front line, to the grassroots is to do the service to solve the problem more accurately. He fully affirmed Wu Bing, general manager of Ningshing Liquefaction Co., LTD. 's proposal of "co-storage in the same tank", and said that before the implementation of customs supervision policy, it is possible to carry out the ethylene glycol "co-storage in the same tank" business