Li Guanding Deputy Mayor of Ningbo and his party visited to Ningshing Holdings

On the morning of July 6, Li Guanding, Deputy Mayor of Ningbo Municipal People's Government, led Han Jun, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Supervision and Examination Office, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau and other departments, as well as Haishu District Government Ye Zhili The head of the district, deputy head of Xu Hongtao and the heads of relevant departments visited Ningshing Holdings for investigation, to understand the actual difficulties of enterprise operation under the continuous influence of the epidemic, listen to relevant suggestions and requirements, and go to the grass-roots site to work. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Xiaojun, Vice President, Shi Chenjia, Vice President and General Manager of Ningshing Ubay, and Zhang Lei, General Manager of Ningshing Trading Group attended the discussion and report.

Deputy Mayor Li Guanding said that this visit and investigation is to fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government and the work requirements of the municipal party committee, go deep into the grassroots to carry out the work of linking and coordination services, understand the needs face-to-face, solve problems practically, further serve enterprises, and fully promote the city's economy. Steady progress and quality improvement.

Chairman Wu Yigang welcomed Vice Mayor Li Guanding and his entourage for their visit and research, and thanked the municipal government and district government for their concern and support to Ningshing Holdings over the years. He focused on the company's foreign trade operations in the first half of the year, and focused on the progress of new foreign trade formats such as trade, industry and research projects, cross-border e-commerce, and foreign comprehensive platforms. Regarding the current difficulties faced by foreign trade, he proposed strengthening special support for trade, industry and research projects, Increase financial support and strengthen suggestions and requirements for cross-border e-commerce, digital transformation, and overseas market expansion support. Shi Chenjia, vice president and general manager of Ningshing Ubay, made a specific report on suggestions for policy support and facilitation of the new cross-border e-commerce model.

Deputy Mayor Li Guanding said that Ningshing Holdings is a leading foreign trade enterprise in Ningbo City and a key enterprise in Haishu District. He affirmed that Ningshing Holdings actively responded to the impact of the epidemic and took active actions in "stabilizing foreign trade", and actively went overseas to overcome difficulties. Ningshing foreign trade people who have orders to expand the market expressed high recognition. He pointed out that Ningshing Holdings is a white-listed enterprise in our city to maintain foreign trade stability and implement facilitation, which should be strongly supported and guaranteed at the city and district levels. He designated the relevant responsible departments to follow up on specific issues on the spot, requiring each issue and suggestion to be "project-based, list-based and responsible", to do a good job in supervision and return visits, and stressed the need to implement "everything is implemented, every piece has a Responding to the principle of "response", increase support for enterprises to protect foreign trade and seek breakthroughs, and make every effort to ensure that enterprises overcome difficulties, stabilize operations, and develop against the trend.