Ningshing Special-Steel 2019 Dragon Boat Race


Ningshing Special-Steel 2019 Dragon Boat Race

Ningshing Special Steel 2019 Dragon Boat Race

On the morning of July 21, the Dongqian Lake was enthusiastic and drums beat. "Take advantage of the wind and waves to advance." Ningshing Special-Steel 2019 Dragon Boat Race started with passion. Nearly 80 employees of the white, blue, red and black teams from various companies and departments participated in the competition.

After a simple explanation and training of the dragon boat coach, the four participating teams made a fist, eager to try, and could not wait to try the underground boat. With Ning Jiang secretary's "The Dragon Boat Race officially began," the players raced and competed on the 400-meter track. The water on the lake splashed, the drums were exciting, and the slogans were uniform. The four teams competed with each other. The entire scene was very lively and spectacular. In the end, after fierce competition, the red team won the first place, the black team won the second place, and the white team and the blue team won the third and fourth place respectively.

Through this dragon boat race, we felt the essence and charm of the dragon boat culture, set out the style, compared with the momentum, deeply experienced the strength of the team.