Grasping Party Construction around the Goal and Striving for the First to Make a New Chapter┃Ningshing Holdings held an enlarged meeting of the Party Committee in 2023


On February 6, Ningshing Holdings 2023 Party Committee (expanded) meeting was held in the conference room of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group, Ningshing Holdings Party Committee, Discipline Inspection Committee members, general branches and branch secretaries attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Gao Ping, secretary of the party committee and vice chairman of Ningshing Holdings.

The meeting first studied the recent publication of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "comprehensive strict governance of the party to explore the successful path of relying on the party's self-revolution to jump out of the historical cycle" and "highlight the good style and good state" and other important articles, armed with advanced theory, with a solid style to start, to further increase the awareness of responsibility and mission of party members and cadres。

The meeting summarized the party building work of Ningshing Holdings in 2022, and jointly studied and deployed the key work in 2023. 2023 party committee work to "innovation to lead, help development, convergence of momentum, leap 2023" as the main line of party building work, to strengthen the ideological leadership through learning and education, deepen the deep integration with the operation through party building +. We will strengthen our own construction to enhance the quality of party members, promote the linkage of party and group to gather development synergy, and provide strong organizational guarantee and spiritual power for the high-quality upgrading development of the company.

Secretary Gao Ping pointed out in his speech that, over the years, Ningshing Holdings, in line with the concept of "party building is also productivity", around the center, pragmatic and innovative, party building work has become an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprise development and brand advantages. 2022 party building work has connotations, carriers, team building, benchmarking, role models, effectiveness, impact. In 2023, party organizations at all levels should further play the role and vitality of party building in enterprise development, continuously improve the level of party building work, always focus on the center of party building, grasp the party building to promote development; always bear in mind the purpose of party building, maximize the mobilization of the majority of staff enthusiasm, creativity; always combine with the actual innovative methods, penetrate into the various tasks of production and operation; always integrate into the Always integrate into the construction of enterprise culture, enhance the sense of belonging and responsibility of employees; always put the comprehensive quality of party members in the first place, resonate with the enterprise, take the lead, work in the real world, and walk in the forefront.

At the meeting, the secretaries of each branch and sub-branch reported the basic situation of their respective party building work and work ideas for 2023, and made exchanges on the implementation of the work plan proposed by the party committee in conjunction with the actual situation of each company. Finally, Zhang Huixhong, director of the Party Office, made specific arrangements for the recent key work related to branch renewal, standardized party membership development, party membership transfer management, democratic evaluation and plan reporting.

Before the meeting, all participants focused on visiting Ningshing Precision Machinery Group's precision manufacturing production workshop and Ningshing Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technology Innovation Center.