Thursday 5,2023 Today’s Economic and Trade Consulting


1. U.S. consumer confidence hits eight-month high in December

A few days ago, the Conference Board released data that the U.S. consumer confidence index in December increased by 6.9 points month-on-month to 108.3 points, reversing the continuous decline in October and November and rebounding, reaching the highest level since April last year.

2. Import tariff quotas fully implement online inspection and paperless customs clearance
Recently, the General Administration of Customs, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Commerce issued a joint announcement to fully implement online verification and paperless customs clearance for import tariff quotas from January 1, 2023. The issuing department will no longer issue paper quota certificates, and all will be changed to electronic quota certificates. The customs will automatically call the electronic data of the quota certificate and the data of the customs declaration form for comparison and verification during the customs clearance process, which will effectively improve the efficiency of customs clearance and reduce the operating costs of enterprise

3. General Administration of Customs: The scope of application of cross-border express customs clearance reform is extended to Changsha Customs
According to the "Customs Release" WeChat official account, the General Administration of Customs issued an announcement. In order to promote the convenience of cross-border road transportation, the General Administration of Customs decided to expand the scope of cross-border express customs clearance reform to Changsha Customs on the basis of enabling road manifests.

4. Online shopping transactions in the euro zone account for 17% of total euro payments
A few days ago, a research report released by the European Central Bank showed that in 2022, online shopping transactions in 19 countries in the euro zone accounted for 17% of the total payment in euros, while cash transactions in offline shopping places are still the mainstream of payment in euros, accounting for 17% of the total payment in euros. 59%, and offline bank card payments accounted for 34% of the total.

5. Maersk completed the acquisition of logistics company Martin Bencher
Recently, A.P. Moller-Maersk announced the completion of the acquisition of Martin Bencher Group, a project logistics company headquartered in Denmark. The company is an asset-light logistics service provider focusing on project logistics, well-known in the field of project logistics services, with a high degree of reliability.