2022 Operational Working Conference

Ningshing Precision Machinery Group’s 2022 Operational Working Conference

On December 26, 2021, Ningbo Ningshing Precision Machinery Group held the 2022 annual Operational Working Conference. Member of the group’s management team, all subsidiaries and members of the group’s functional departments participated in the meeting. Affected by the new crown epidemic, this meeting was attended by video. Ningshing Holding Chairman Wu Yigang, Vice Chairman of the Party Committee Secretary Gao Ping, President Huang Yongzeng, Executive Vice President Tan Zhengguo, Vice President Yang Xiaojun, Wang Wentong and other leaders attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Jiang Ning, secretary of the general party branch of the group. All leaders in charge made speeches on the work of their own departments; the head of the department reported on the 2021 work summary and the 2022 business plan, and made arrangements for key tasks; General Manager Yan Jianbin, on behalf of the general manager’s office of the group, made a report on “Being right and Innovating for Development, to update the quality”. The report summarized the company’s production and operation management work in 2021. In 2021, with the efforts of the entire company, the group has exceeded the annual main operating indicators, and various tasks have achieved results, at the same time, the existing problems and deficiencies have been pointed out. The report focuses on the overall working ideas of Ningxing Precision Machinery Group in 2022, that is, “closely focus on the development plan and upgrade plan, and deepen the two main businesses. Steady operation will ensure the steady growth of special steel trade; innovation-driven and intelligent advancement In-depth development of precision manufacturing; co-creation and win-win, enhancing the breadth and depth of strategic cooperation; maintaining integrity and innovation, strengthening group system management and corporate culture construction”. The report also determined higher and more practical business objectives, clarified specific work requirements, and required companies and departments to withstand severe challenges, follow the trend, and change in response to the situation, expand the market, expand the scale, increase sales, improve production capacity, creating benefits, and working hard to achieve the company's upgrade and quality improvement.

Huang Yongzeng, President of Ningshing Holdings and Chairman of the Group, made a report on “Concentrate and Promote the Construction and Development”, calling on Ningshing Precision Machinery Group to work together to promote the construction of a new pattern of upgrading and development. The speech explained the necessity of the company’s implementation of the development plan and upgrade plan, responsibilities and tasks that the group needs to undertake and the current problems, emphasizing how to build a new pattern of upgrading and development, we must do ten major things and six major work styles to be advocated. President Huang requested that we must work together, strive and achieve success, and jointly build a five-good family of "good development planning, good implementation, overall coordination, good unity and cooperation, and good prosperity together", which is a good thing for Ningshing Precision Machinery Group.

Gao Ping, vice chairman and party secretary of Ningshing Holdings, made an important speech. Mr. Gao fully affirmed the work performance of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group in the past year. Mr. Gao pointed out that the work arrangements of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group are “stable in confidence, full of energy, clear goals, and overall overall management”.

At the end of the meeting, Wu Yigang, chairman of Ningshing Holdings, made an important speech. He fully affirmed the achievements of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group in 2021 by implementing transformation and upgrading, consolidating and strengthening strategic cooperation, special steel trading and intelligent precision manufacturing in two-wheel drive development. Good results have been achieved in terms of operating scale, operating quality and internal management, which have contributed to the overall stable development of Ningshing Holdings. Mr. Wu also put forward five hopes and requirements to Ningshing Precision Machinery Group, “strengthen opportunities and strategic awareness; strengthen the integrated upgrade of trade, industry, research, and industry, academia, and research; actively promote coordinated development; pay more attention to team building and talent introduction; Comprehensively improve the management capabilities of the management team".

The conference requested all companies and departments of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group to focus on the group’s development plan and upgrade plan in 2022, and in accordance with the various business plans and work requirements for building a new pattern of upgrading and development, all employees will "roll up their sleeves and work harder. Open arms and work hard, take steps to work hard", seek breakthroughs in innovation, seek development in breakthroughs, and upgrade in development, and strive to complete the tasks of 2022 business goals.