GB Cr12MoV Tool Steel, Economic Grade of D2 and SKD11

GB Cr12MoV Tool Steel, Economic Grade of D2 and SKD11

  • Model NO. tool steel Cr12MoV
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Basic Information
Product Description

GBCr12MoV Tool Steel, Economic Grade of 1.2379, D2, SKD11

GBCr12MoV Tool Steel is widely used in China for making High-duty cutting tools (dies and punches), blanking and punching tools. It is the economic grade of Compared with 1.2379, D2 and SKD11, with the lower content of Mo and V.

We keep big stock of GBCr12MoV rounds and flats.

Round: dia.10-700 mm
Flat: 6-120 x 40-1000 mm
Block: 80-400 x 100-1000 mm

Delivery Condition
EAF+(ESR) or EAF+LF+VD+(ESR), Hot rolled or Forged, Annealed, Black surface or Machined surface, UT SEP1921 Class3 D/d



Chemical Composition(%)

Steel Grade CSiMnPSCrMoV
Cr12MoV1.45-1.70≤ 0.40 ≤ 0.40 ≤ 0.030 ≤ 0.030 11.00-12.500.40-0.600.15-0.30
1.23791.45-1.600.10-0.600.20-0.60≤ 0.030 ≤ 0.030 11.00-13.000.70-1.000.70-1.00
D21.40-1.600.10-0.600.20-0.60≤ 0.030 ≤ 0.030 11.00-13.000.70-1.200.50-1.10
SKD111.40-1.60≤ 0.40 ≤ 0.60 ≤ 0.030 ≤ 0.030 11.00-13.000.80-1.200.20-0.50

High-duty cutting tools (dies and punches), blanking and punching tools, wood working tools, shear blades for cutting light-gauge material, thread rolling tools, tools for drawing, deep drawing and cold extrusion, pressing tools for the ceramics and pharmaceutical industries, cold rools (working rolls) for multiple-roll stands, measuring instruments and gauges, small moulds for the plastics industry where excellent wear resistance is required.

Forging Technique

Heat Temperature Start Forging Temperature Finish Forging Temperature Cooling Method
1120 - 1140 °C 1080 - 1100 °C 880 - 920 °C Slow Cooling

Heat Treatment

800 to 850°C
Slow controlled cooling in furnace at a rate of 10 to 20°C/hr down to approx. 600°C, further cooling in air. Hardness after annealing: max. 250 HB.

Stress relieving
650 to 700°C
Slow cooling in furnace; intended to relieve stresses set up by extensive machining, or in complex shapes. After through heating, hold in neutral atmosphere for 1-2 hours.

980 to 1010°C
Oil, salt bath (220 to 250°C or 500 to 550°C), air blast, still air. Tools of intricate shape or with sharp edges should preferably be hardened in air or salt bath. Holding time after temperature equalization: 15 to 30 minutes.
Obtainable hardness: 63 - 65 HRC

Slow heating to tempering temperature immediately after hardening/time in furnace 1 hour for each 20 mm of workpiece thickness but at least 2 hours/cooling in air.
For certain cases we recommend to reduce tempering temperature and increase holding time