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Market share of presses with clamping forces above 5000 t is continuously increasing and further developments are planned.
Tesla's approach to using giant casting machines, nicknamed Giga Press, to make car bodies with just a few massive casted parts is catching on in the auto industry.
By investing in large presses, OEMs are seeking to maximize efficiency by casting structural parts with complex geometries in an entire unit, which were previously produced in multiple castings.
Process: heat the steel to AC1 ~ AC3 (hypoeutectoid steel) or AC1 ~ ACCM (hypereutectoid steel) and cool it slowly after heat preservation to obtain a heat treatment process close to equilibrium structure.
Comments: Strong recovery in the automotive market, steel demand rebound can be expected.
Change in automotive engineering ensures increasing demand for large structural components.
Large structural parts for the automotive industry create special challenges
Carbon is the main element next to iron, which directly affects the strength, plasticity, toughness and weldability of steel.
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