Ningbo Ningshing Precision Machinery Group Co., Ltd.Who We AreNo.25 Hongxiang Rd A area Industry, Hongtang Jiangbei, Ningbo, 315033, Zhejiang Province, ChinaFormerly known as Ningbo Ningshing Special-Steel Group Co., Ltd., we are a holding subsidiary of Ningbo Ningshing Holdings Corporation. After years of development, we have successfully realized the transformation of "industry supply chain ecosystem" from only trading to integrated operation, including distribution and retail, precision processing, intelligent manufacturing, vacuum heat treatment, technical services and international trade, etc. As one of the largest special steel distribution enterprises in China with imported and homemade tool steel materials, Ningshing P

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1.2343 Introduction to Mould Steels
There are many different types of cracks: raw material cracks, heat treatment cracks, forging cracks, etc. It is dizzying to see how to identify them. How to identify them is a very important lesson, so that it is easy to find out exactly where the cracks occur and to analyze the causes of cracks.
Specific Challenges of Large Die Cast Structural Components
Researchers at La Sapienza in Rome are proposing silicon-based anodes, composed of micrometric Si, graphite (MAG), LiI-Li3PS4 solid electrolyte (LPSI), and carbon nanofiber (CNF), which can be prepared by straightforward manual grinding.
Introduction to High Pressure Die Casting
Introduction to Decarburization Layer
Steel accounts for only a small part of the total cost of a die casting die
Kind&Co is Prepared for Vacuum Hardening of the Largest Possible Die Inserts
China\'s special steel demand forecast to continue to rise due to a two-pronged approach of industrial transformation and national policy
High Quality Hardening Requires High Quenching Rates
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