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Use a large radius tool or a small radius tool?
Common annealing methods are divided
Digitization and intelligence, dual carbon goals and greening, internal circulation construction and supply chain reconstruction are three trends faced by Chinese Manufacturing Industry.
Grain size is the scale of grain size. The grain size of metal has a great influence on many properties of metal. The effect of grain size is essentially the effect of grain boundary area.
How to Greatly Improve the Rfficiency of Time-consuming CNC Finishing
The heat treatment process of heating the metal or alloy to an appropriate temperature, holding it for a certain period of time, and then slowly cooling (usually cooling with the furnace) is called annealing.
Mould is known as the "mother of the industry" and plays a leading role in the development of the entire national economy.
Quenching and tempering treatment: the heat treatment method of high temperature tempering after quenching is called quenching and tempering treatment.
In general, there are three basic methods for determining the average grain size: the comparison method, the area method, and the intercept point method.
The size of the metal grain (or grain size) has a decisive effect on its mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperatures, and the refinement of grain size is also one of the most important enhanced pathways in heat treatment of steel.
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