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Introduction of Cr12 and teach you how to identify the true and false Cr12
In the modern society, there is a huge usage of alloy steel in the global wide. However, most people don’t know the specific advantages of alloy steel compared with traditional steel. This article will basically show you the main advantages of alloy steel and the differences between alloy steel and traditional metal.
1.2379 is a type of steel, which is a type of cold work steel. It has high hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment, and has strong hardenability and good dimensional stability.
through the reasonable forging process and heat treatment process can improve the quality, performance and service life of the electric furnace steel, this will bring higher economic benefits.
If you need to purchase a batch of die steel, but don't know how to choose the right supplier. You can check out this article.
Choose the suitable tool steel to reach your required lifetime of the dies, and also help you make a reasonable profit on your production.
2Cr13, 3Cr13 and 4Cr13 are all belong to plastic mold steels, widely used for mask machines. We recommend you the regular stock of 2-4Cr13 of Ningbo Ningshing Special-Steel, which with the competitive price, welcome to follow us and contact us.
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