Ningshing Holdings organized a special meeting on "Learning the Spirit of the Two Sessions and Promoting Breakthrough Development"


In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the National Two Sessions, raise awareness, boost confidence, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, effectively promote the company's work, and unswervingly complete the annual work goals, on April 3, Ningshing Holdings organized the " Learn the spirit of the two sessions to promote breakthrough development" special meeting. A total of more than 100 people, including members of the leadership team of the holding company, members of the management team of each company, key project leaders, heads of functional departments at the headquarters, and students from the two special training classes for talents, participated in the event. This event specially invited Yan Qin, executive deputy director of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Reform Office and first-level inspector, to give a special sharing. Gao Ping, vice chairman and secretary of the party committee of the holding company, presided over the meeting.

      Director Yan Qin took "About the Current Economic Situation, Reform Situation, and Enterprise Strategy to Take Advantage of the Trend" as the theme, and analyzed the current economic situation and the policy dividends released at all levels of the country and business opportunities after the National Two Sessions with detailed data and information; Through vivid cases, it introduces six major reform trends in digital construction, business environment optimization, and common prosperity demonstration; in particular, it puts forward multi-faceted strategic suggestions for enterprises to follow the trend and go against the trend.

      At the meeting, the persons in charge of four important sectors, including precision manufacturing, international trade, cross-border e-commerce and shipbuilding, combined the spirit of the two sessions and the reality of the enterprise to discuss ideas. Everyone recognized the powerful amount of information released by the National Two Sessions, and felt the confidence and opportunities brought by the further optimization of the business environment to enterprises. They expressed that they would further clarify their thinking, firm goals, and work hard to complete the work in the next work. annual target.

      Tan Zhengguo, executive vice president, combined with the promotion of key projects of the holding company, made a problem-oriented in-depth analysis, and proposed seven key points to solve the problem. On the full implementation of the company's annual goals and tasks, President Huang Yongzeng put forward requirements in five aspects, including boosting confidence, leading innovation, win-win cooperation, risk control and team building, in combination with the current situation and the spirit of the two sessions. Combining the spirit of the two sessions and Ningshing's development history, Chairman Wu Yigang asked all Ningshing people to further open their minds, take the initiative, and work together to complete the The annual business target is to promote the high-quality business development of Ningshing. Finally, Vice Chairman Gao Ping put forward three requirements for the implementation of the spirit of the meeting: first, we must deeply understand the positive signals sent by the two sessions and strengthen our confidence; second, we must lead high-quality development with high-quality party building guarantees; and third, we must transform learning results A powerful driving force for enterprise development.