Wu Yigang, chairman of Ningshing Holdings, cordially met with the main person in charge of Ningshing Dominican DJM rubber shoes production base


On the morning of January 12, Wu Yigang, chairman of Ningshing Holdings, met Zhang Liang, general manager of Ningshing Dominican DJM rubber shoes production base, who had just returned to China to report at the headquarters of the holding company. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Ningshing Holdings, Tan Zhengguo, Executive Vice President, Zhang Lei, General Manager of Ningshing Trading Group, and Tong Xiaojian, General Manager of the Rubber Shoes Division attended the meeting.

Chairman Wu Yigang, on behalf of the holding company, thanked Zhang Liang and the DJM team for their contributions to the development of DJM in foreign countries over the past few years. He said that DJM is a key project of strategic significance for the holding company. Over the past two years, under the leadership of the team and the efforts of all employees, the number of production lines has increased from 2 to 5, the production capacity has increased rapidly, the product quality has been recognized by the market, and a group of core customers have been successfully attracted and settled. As the largest Chinese manufacturing company in Dominica and employing the most local employees, DJM has received great attention and attention from Mr. Zhang Run, the Chinese ambassador to Dominica. He has visited and inspected three times and highly affirmed DJM's contribution to the promotion of bilateral relations, saying that DJM The development of the company has shown the world China's quality and China's speed. The holding company fully affirmed the development performance of DJM, and praised DJM for strictly implementing foreign affairs disciplines, maintaining foreign affairs safety and corporate image on behalf of Chinese enterprises.

Gao Ping, vice chairman and secretary of the party committee, praised the development of DJM rubber shoes production base in recent years. She emphasized the need to do a good job in all aspects of work with a stronger mission, higher standards, and stricter requirements, and strive to achieve the goals and tasks for the new year. Executive Vice President Tan Zhengguo thanked everyone in the DJM team for their dedication. He is very much looking forward to and optimistic about the future development of DJM.

Zhang Liang, general manager of the DJM rubber shoes production base, thanked the holding leaders for their concern for DJM. He said that the team will keep in mind the mission, work hard, work hard, and go all out to continue working towards a higher goal. They are not afraid of difficulties, never give up, focus on the brand, and focus on the main idea Industry, to achieve a higher level of output and quality, and strive to build a world-class shoe production base.

Tong Xiaojian, general manager of the Rubber Shoes Division of Ningshing Trading Group, said that the DJM Rubber Shoes Base will adopt a steady development strategy, increase in-depth development cooperation with world-renowned rubber shoe brands, increase product research and development efforts, accelerate the introduction of high-end technologies and talents, and further strengthen Refined management, continuous improvement of product quality, and the realization of foreign cooperation bases to drive the development of the foreign trade sector of domestic bases.

Chairman Wu Yigang placed high hopes on the future development of DJM Rubber Shoes Base. He asked DJM to further take advantage of Dominica's geographical location and do more work on supporting upstream and downstream supply chains; further strengthen product research and development and production organization and management, and improve scale benefits; Be a good messenger in many relationships. He believes that the DJM Rubber Shoes Base will definitely achieve its goals and develop to a new level.