Ningbo Ningshing Trading Group Inc. Held the 2022 Semi-annual Work Conference and The Special Exchange Meeting on Innovation and Development

Company Instruction

As a subsidiary of Ningbo Ningshing Holdings Corporation, Ningbo Ningshing Trading Group Inc. is a large-scale trading group which mainly engages in international trade. Through years of development, it has already had multi-functional and global marketing channels, and developed the ability to integrate industrial chain, its total annual trade reaches 6 billion Yuan, the import & export volume exceeds 700 million dollars.

On July 22, 2022, Ningshing Trade Group held the 2022 semi-annual work conference and the special exchange meeting on innovation and development in Xiangshan Yafan Hotel. More than 40 staff attended the meeting, including leaders from the president's office of Ningshing Holdings, business managers of Ningshing Trade Group, and other business backbones.

At the semi-annual work conference, the participating companies and departments reported on the completion of the main work and business indicators in the first half of the year, summarized the achievements and analyzed the problems and deficiencies in the development process, and put forward the work objectives and measures for the second half of the year based on changes in the situation and market conditions.

General Manager Zhang Lei made the semi-annual work report, reviewing the basic situation of the company's operation in the first half of the year and focusing on the deployment of the work in the second half of the year. 
In the first half of the year, all business sectors actively maintained and expanded market share, and achieved the goal of "more than half the time, more than half the task", laying a solid foundation for the annual growth. Zhang pointed out that influenced by various uncertainties, the contracting demand will increase further in the second half of the year. Facing the challenges brought by the complex situation, all members should not only face up to the difficulties, but also give full play to the advantages accumulated in the road of specialization in the past few years to continuously improve the core competitiveness and strive to complete the annual target.

In the special exchange meeting on innovation and development. Five speakers shared their experiences and ideas. Wu Xueyong spoke on strengthening internal management to promote the high-quality development of the company. Dai Lei spoke on strengthening the construction of the company framework to promote the improvement of core competitiveness. Zhang Yufeng spoke on developing the high-end market in the transformation and upgrading of the garment business. Lu Yan spoke on enhancing the professional level of exchange rate management to escort the business development. And Gao Yuan spoke on improving the digital marketing capability to broaden the marketing channels.

The participants fully interacted and discussed in depth to further expand the ideas and stimulate the sense of innovation.

At the end of the meeting, Tan Zhengguo, executive vice president of Ningshing Holding, gave a speech. He fully affirmed that Ningshing Trade Group faced difficulties and achieved good results under the extremely difficult development environment in the first half of the year.

Facing the development goals for the second half of the year, he encouraged all members to strengthen research and judgment on international and domestic situations, strictly control business risks, continue to improve R&D capabilities and improve lean management capabilities and emergency response capabilities to promote the stable and high-quality development of the trading group.

During the conference, the participants carried out interesting activities to further strengthen communication and cohesion. The semi-annual work conference ended successfully in a warm atmosphere of mutual help and interconnection.