Ningshing Precision Machinery Group Held An Internal Trainer Training Course

In order to better implement the spiritual requirements of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group's 2022 "Upgrade and Quality Improvement" theme series activities, and effectively implement and carry out the application-oriented college student training project that integrates production and education, in the early spring of March, the Group's Human Resources Department cooperated with The unit Zhejiang Hanzheng Education Development Co., Ltd. jointly organized two special trainings on "Teaching Methods and Skills of Internal Trainers". The curriculum developers and internal trainer teams of the application-oriented college student training project participated in the training.

Ningshing Precision Machinery Group's application-oriented college student training program has set up expert review, curriculum development, internal trainers, skill tutor groups and project management teams. Through the establishment of a job matrix, job skill analysis, training course development, selection and training of internal trainers and skill instructors, training path design and plan control, etc., the progress and development of college students' training projects are promoted at various levels. The "integration of production and education" project effectively integrates the resources of the government, enterprises, universities, and third-party training institutions, and jointly establishes a management system for college students' practical training and skill evaluation that meets the requirements of Ningshing Precision Machinery Group, so as to train and reserve industrial technical talents for the organization.

The two series of training courses in March were taught by Mr. Wang Haihong, assistant to the general manager of Hanzhuo Education and manager of the consulting and training department. The training course focuses on learning teaching methods and skills, as well as the preparation and use of teaching aids and teaching plans. At the training meeting, the course developers and internal trainers were fully prepared, studied diligently, practiced actively, and conducted group interactive discussions. The internal trainers came to the stage to give trial lectures and demonstrations in class. The series of internal training courses in April will continue, and will continue to strive to improve and make breakthroughs in the integrity of the course teaching plan, the fluency of classroom teaching, and the refinement of course key points.


Wang Feihan, the leader of the project curriculum development and internal trainer team and the general manager of the Group's Human Resources Department, pointed out at the training meeting that after the development of internal training courses in the first 3 months, the teaching ability of internal trainers has been significantly improved. It is hoped that all internal trainers will pass the This "internal trainer's teaching methods and skills" and other follow-up professional training, continue to master the teaching knowledge and skills of application-oriented college students, continue to accumulate practical experience in the training and teaching of application-oriented college students integrating production and education, and complete the transformation from technical experts to internal trainers. At the same time, it comprehensively improves the overall business level and practical skills of the internal trainer team of the enterprise, promotes the learning and growth of all employees, creates a learning organizational atmosphere, and realizes the strategic upgrading requirements of service organizations.


This year, Ningshing Precision Machinery Group will continue to promote the training of application-oriented college students through the integration of production and education, and provide professional skills for the development of the company's key projects.