1.2379 Special Steel Details


1.2379 special steel details

1.2379 is a type of steel, which is a type of cold work steel. It has high hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment, and has strong hardenability and good dimensional stability.

1.2379 Chemical Composition

C Cr Mn Si Mo V
1.45-1.60 11.00-13.00 0.20-0.60 0.10-0.60 0.70-1.00 0.70-1.00


High compressive strength
Good dimensional stability
Good processability and toughness
Excellent resistance to temper softening
The vacuum degassing refining process is pure steel.
Spheroidizing annealing softening treatment, good cutting performance.
Reinforced element vanadium, special addition of molybdenum, excellent wear resistance


Suitable for making high-speed blanking die for various silicon steel sheets.
Scissors suitable for dry and efficient cutting thin materials
It is suitable for all kinds of cold stamping dies with complex and easy-to-deform tool molds and high wear resistance and long service life.
Used as a cold working die that requires excellent wear resistance and good toughness, and can be used in embossing die and cold forging die.
Stamping die for heavy loads, cold shearing edge, crepe plate, etc.
Used for cold dies, clay molds, etc.
Used in lossy plastic molding dies.
1.2379 same type
China GB standard grade Cr12Mo1V1
US AISI/ASTM standard grade D2
Japan JIS standard grade SKD11,
Austrian BOHLER standard grade K110,
Swedish one wins one hundred (ASSAB) standard grade XW41
Heat Treatment Process
Program heat temperature(℃) cooling hardness hrc
First-time preheat second-time Quenching
preheat temperature
1 500~600 820~860 980~1040 Oil cooler or air coolinge 60~65
2 500~600 820~860 1060~1100 Oil cooler or air coolinge 60~65
Program tempering temperature(℃) times of tempering hardness hrc
1 180~220 1 60~64
2 510~540 2 60~64